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Sarasota County Window Permit Requirements


1. Provide floor plan drawing of the structure showing the location and use of all rooms where windows or doors are being replaced.

2. Indicate the overall dimensions of all windows and doors being replaced.

3. If a bedroom window is being replaced, at least one opening in that room must meet the following requirements for Emergency Egress Openings:

• Clear opening at least 24" high

• Clear opening at least 20" wide

• For ground floor windows, clear opening at least 5 square feet.

• For second and third floor windows, clear opening at least 5.7 square feet.

• Bottom of opening not more than 44" above finished floor level.

• A door from the bedroom to the exterior of the house serves as the required emergency egress opening.

(To find the opening size, multiply the clear opening height in inches by the width in inches, and then divide this number by 144. This is the opening size in square feet.)

4. Indicate the location of the required Emergency Egress opening on the floor plan.

5. All windows within 24" of a door and less than 60" above the finished floor level must have tempered glass or safety glazing

6. All windows within 36" of a tub or shower enclosure and less than 60" above finished floor level must have tempered or safety glazing.

7. Opening protection (shutters or impact resistant glazing) must be provided unless the structure was designed by an

architect or engineer as a partially enclosed structure. Indicate method of opening protection. (Design plans for plywood

shutters are available from the Permit Center. If you desire plywood shutters, indicate this on plans. Instructions will be


8. Provide manufacturer's product approval and installation specifications for each type of window, door and premanufactured

shutter. This information is typically available from your retailer. It should specify the design pressure of the window or door.

9. Highlight or otherwise indicate pertinent details for size and installation for each type of window, door and shutter used.

10. A final inspection is required to be scheduled after windows and/or doors are installed. Fasteners must be visible for the

inspection. If shutters are required, each shutter must be labeled and placed in front of each window/door for the


11. Read and closely follow the manufacturer's installation instructions. The inspector will only approve installations done

according to published specifications.

(941) 342-1341


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