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    What Are Low-E Coatings?
Low-emittance (Low-E) coating (Solarban) are
microscopically thin, virtually invisible, metal or metallic oxide
layers deposited on a window or skylight glazing surface
primarily to reduce the U-factor by suppressing radiative
heat flow. The principal mechanism of heat transfer in multilayer
glazing is thermal radiation from a warm pane of glass
to a cooler pane. Coating a glass surface with a
low-emittance material and facing that coating into the gap
between the glass layers blocks a significant amount of this
radiant heat transfer, thus lowering the total heat flow through
the window. Low-E coatings are transparent to visible light.
Different types of Low-E coatings have been designed to
allow for high solar gain, moderate solar gain, or low solar gain.

Window Capping (wrap exterior wood frames in aluminum)
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